Lionel’s Adoption Day

This is the most photo-filled post yet! I hope you enjoy.

Up first, a couple of older pictures:

Stella and Hank in their trademark embrace. We’re going to do our best to make sure they’re adopted together.


Wilson obviously does much better in a home environment, and you’ll shortly see more proof of it.


I captured a few artsy shots of Hank, Zelda, and Wilson in the morning light before our adoption event.

As you know, Wilson did not show well at all at PetSmart. Potential adopters will just have to look at our photos and videos and trust us that he’s a loving (although still jumpy) guy. Zelda did fairly well again, and she stuck by Wilson most of the time, seemingly in an attempt to comfort him.

Back at home later, I don’t think they’d fully forgiven me yet.

And finally, the cat of the hour, the big man himself: Lionel.

We weighed him and confirmed he already weighs a whopping 12 pounds at just under 9 months old. What a gentle giant!

This one was the hardest one yet, but we have to keep telling ourselves that it’s all worth it. These guys and girls deserve loving homes, and we’re happy we’ve been able to spend this time with them. Happy life, sweet boy.

Thank you as always for your support and for following along on this journey.



Moving Out + Doc’s Adoption

I thought I’d share some more of the last photos we took of the whole crew in the Attic on the day before and the day of Doc’s adoption. The final blurry one is our last cuddle before he went into the carrier to go to his forever home. As much as we love and miss him, we’re so happy to know he’s doing great there!

Wilson, Our Little Wild Cat

Even though I know he loves me and trusts me, he still runs from me sometimes. That’s the trouble with being a wild cat trapped in a house cat’s body.

Wilson is long and lean, athletic and energetic. He is absolutely obsessed with the feather-and-worm stick toy. Of the Alabama kittens, he definitely sets the records for vertical leaps.

When he’s feeling comfortable with you, he’ll chat for awhile and flop on his side to make it clear that he wants some attention. He’s even started making his way into Robert’s lap during the day for lap cat training.

But he does require patience. He still gets spooked sometimes, even by us. His forever family will have to be understanding if they want to coax him out of his shell. If you ask us, the effort is worth it for the love of this sweet cat.


A Couple of Our Pets

We mention our (many, many) pets at home frequently in our live streams, but we rarely post photos of them, and I’m not sure if we’ve ever shown them on video.

Since I’m still learning how to work my camera, I try to practice on these guys and gals periodically. Again, I’m about as much of a beginner as one can be, so don’t judge too harshly!

Today’s post features Salem and Mabel.

Salem is one of Stumpy’s five kittens, and one of two we have at home (the other is Binx). They just turned a year and a half old last month. Salem is the one who jumps and rattles the bedroom doorknob in the morning when he’s hungry. He’s also the one who jumps and dangles from our robes hanging on the back of the door when he wants out of our bedroom. He tries to escape into the backyard with the dogs when they go outside (I think he’s learned their “go outside?” call since he now comes running with them). He scratches on the storm door to beg to go out, and he scratches on the mirror on the bathroom door to beg to get in. He makes biscuits on bellies, and he rubs all over Ally, one of our dogs, when he’s in a friendly mood. Salem definitely has Stumpy’s face, but not her tail!

Mabel was our youngest cat before Stumpy’s kittens and Tabby unexpectedly made it into our family as permanent residents. She showed up outside our house in June 2015 when she was six months to a year old. We checked with some neighbors who had been feeding her, but she belonged to no one so we took her in. She is a very feisty and moody cat: she’s both incredibly loving and entirely unpredictable. She will go from sweet to snotty in a millisecond. We’ve heard that’s a calico thing, but Clara is nothing like that! She had a hernia on her side repaired when we took her to the vet to be fixed, where they discovered a tattoo on her belly after shaving it indicating she’d already been spayed, likely at a shelter. She spends most of her time in our bedroom, since she and Oscar (the last kitten we took in before her) are mortal enemies. She also doesn’t get along with our oldest cat, Luna, but they both pick at each other equally. Oscar, on the other hand, terrorizes her and tracks her down any time he senses she’s outside the bedroom. We try to let them trade spaces (so he can be in the bedroom instead) at least once a day. Like Salem, Mabel tries to escape into the backyard with the dogs constantly when she isn’t in our room. We’ve tried using a harness on her, but she gets VERY angry about that. Instead, we’ll let her and Salem sit in the grass in an old dog crate with bottom removed when it’s nice outside.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about two of our housecats. While I’ll try to keep most of the post about the adoptable Attic residents, I’ll try to feature each of our pets eventually too. Thanks for reading!

Inaugural Photo Post

Photographing cats (or pets in general) is not always easy. Photographing adolescent cats who are in perpetual motion is downright impossible!

Out of nearly 200 quick snapshots I took the other day, these were the cream of the crop. And most of them are still a little blurry.

Obviously Doc’s turned out the best, which is why I featured it at the top as well. Lionel is showing off the terrible stained floor, Wilson is about to bolt, and Hank is posing on the desk like the little model he is. Zelda wouldn’t let me take a perfect picture, but she gave me the largest quantity of almost-decent shots. This one has the bonus of two photobombing cats in the background. Can you spot their little ears?

I hope you’ll bear with me as I figure out my new camera and WordPress at the same time. Thank you as always for following along on our little foster family’s journey!

P.S. I’m missing tonight’s live close-up, but Robert is in the office taking care of them as always. You can check it out here (both while it’s live and after it ends).


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