Inaugural Photo Post

Photographing cats (or pets in general) is not always easy. Photographing adolescent cats who are in perpetual motion is downright impossible!

Out of nearly 200 quick snapshots I took the other day, these were the cream of the crop. And most of them are still a little blurry.

Obviously Doc’s turned out the best, which is why I featured it at the top as well. Lionel is showing off the terrible stained floor, Wilson is about to bolt, and Hank is posing on the desk like the little model he is. Zelda wouldn’t let me take a perfect picture, but she gave me the largest quantity of almost-decent shots. This one has the bonus of two photobombing cats in the background. Can you spot their little ears?

I hope you’ll bear with me as I figure out my new camera and WordPress at the same time. Thank you as always for following along on our little foster family’s journey!

P.S. I’m missing tonight’s live close-up, but Robert is in the office taking care of them as always. You can check it out here (both while it’s live and after it ends).



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