Lionel’s Adoption Day

This is the most photo-filled post yet! I hope you enjoy.

Up first, a couple of older pictures:

Stella and Hank in their trademark embrace. We’re going to do our best to make sure they’re adopted together.


Wilson obviously does much better in a home environment, and you’ll shortly see more proof of it.


I captured a few artsy shots of Hank, Zelda, and Wilson in the morning light before our adoption event.

As you know, Wilson did not show well at all at PetSmart. Potential adopters will just have to look at our photos and videos and trust us that he’s a loving (although still jumpy) guy. Zelda did fairly well again, and she stuck by Wilson most of the time, seemingly in an attempt to comfort him.

Back at home later, I don’t think they’d fully forgiven me yet.

And finally, the cat of the hour, the big man himself: Lionel.

We weighed him and confirmed he already weighs a whopping 12 pounds at just under 9 months old. What a gentle giant!

This one was the hardest one yet, but we have to keep telling ourselves that it’s all worth it. These guys and girls deserve loving homes, and we’re happy we’ve been able to spend this time with them. Happy life, sweet boy.

Thank you as always for your support and for following along on this journey.



2 Replies to “Lionel’s Adoption Day”

    1. An update to this (if you didn’t catch the post over the summer): We tried to adopt them out together, but the adopter only ended up being able to take Hank. After a stressful few days, we brought him home again. So Stella and Hank did get to stay together… just at our house instead! 🙂


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