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We’re experienced cat owners who seem to attract stray cats in need. Once our own house was full, we decided to foster and find homes for the cats and kittens that just kept coming. We both have full-time jobs on top of caring for these fosters (along with our own pets), so this is truly a labor of love. Thanks for your support!

Clara and the Back to the Future Kittens
We rescued Clara from a life on the streets on April 19th, 2017, and she gave birth to five kittens in a spare third floor office on Friday, April 28th. Clara and her kittens were named after characters from the Back to the Future movie series (Doc, George, Marty, Lorraine, and Maggie), which is where the “BTTF Kittens” nickname originates.
All the BTTF kittens have been adopted, but Clara still needs to find her forever home!
  • Marty: adopted 7/9/17
  • Maggie: adopted 8/7/17
  • Lorraine: adopted 8/19/17
  • George: adopted 8/20/17
  • Doc: adopted 2/2/18
Stella and the Alabama Kittens
Stella was a longtime stray outside the Alley to Attic office. We were finally able to rescue her while she was pregnant with yet another litter. She had her five tabby kittens at our vet’s office on Memorial Day. They’re named after famous Alabamians: Percy (Sledge), Lionel (Richie), Wilson (Pickett), Hank (Williams), and Zelda (Fitzgerald).

They moved into the BTTF Kittens’ former room in July when they were six weeks old and they’ve been with us ever since. Percy was adopted on 11/12/17, and Lionel was adopted on 2/17/18. The remaining three (along with Stella) are still available for adoption, and we moved tgen from the office to our house on 2/2/18.

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